Products Summary

We Specialise in:
Couple Hugging
Car Artwork
Roadside Assistance
Networking Event


Private Dwelling Short Falls

Cover for valuable items not included in your underlying policy

Appliances cover for replacement shortfalls

Vermin damage cover

Scratch & Dent VAP

Covers the malicious actions of unknown person's actions

Motor Excess Buster Short Falls

Covers a portion of the excess i.t.o. the underlying policy

Professional Indemnity Short Falls

Covers a portion of the excess i.t.o. the PI policy

General Short Falls

Cover the Cell Phone and Groceries stolen from the insured vehicle

Motor Cycle Short Falls

Cover for Chips & Dents, Damaged or Mis-placed Clothes, Keys and Tyres

Assistance Services

Roadside, Legal, Home, Deceased Estate and Last Wills

Traffic Violations and Arrests

Lawyer assistance when arrested and detained for reckless, negligent and drunken driving




Retrenchment Assist

Section 189 process facilitation to ensure rights are protected

CCMA Award Assist

Cover for an award made against an Employer by a disgruntled employee for being dismissed