Cover for specified incidents least expected.


Chip & Dent

  • Cover for those unwanted stone marks and scratches on your motor cycle.
  • Motor cycle assesment is essential and must be carried out by an approved PG Glass dealer at own cost.
  • Assessment certificate must be provided to the insurer on date of inception of this cover.
  • Minor chips and dents to the front of the fuel tank and fairing are covered.
  • The following occurrences are excluded: existing and or old damage, any hail damage, riot/strike damage, general wear and tear and or accident/collission damage and or any damage as a result of any action or any event of similar nature.
  • Cover is limited to R1500 per annum.


Service Assist

  • Cover is limited to R500 per annum for the costs of the annual service at an approved dealer when the service plan has lapsed.
  • It is essential to show proof that motor cycle was serviced as per dealer's time intervals for at least 3 months prior to lapsing.


Damaged/mis-placed clothes

  • This cover is limited to R500 per annum for those instances of mis-placement and or theft and or loss.
  • This cover only includes 1 pair of gloves or 1 pair of boots or 1 trousers or 1 jacket and ownership proof is essential.


Motor Cycle Keys

  • This cover is limited to R1000 per annum for when the motor cycle's key is lost due to negligence.


Motor Cycle Evaluation Certificate

  • This cover is limited to R250 per annum towards the costs of obtaining a Valuation Certificate.
  • Proof to sell the motor cycle is essential.


Tyre Damages

  • This cover is limited to R500 per annum for damaged motor cycle tyre.
  • Events excluded are potholes and accidents.